My first electronic music 'keyboard' was the Yamaha SHS-10 in 1988 with FM sound and Midi-out. The first real midi music keyboard was a Yamaha PSS480 which I bought in 1989. In 1992 I bought the Yamaha PSS790, with more options and better sound too. My knowledge and interests into midi became more intense and in 1996 I bought the Roland E-66, which was also my first midi music keyboard with normal sized keys. It was a very good keyboard. In 1997 I bought a Roland E-96, better again and a lot more options.

In 1999 a new Roland keyboard came out: the Roland EM-2000. It sounded and performed so well and could do so much more. I have used it for 12.5 years with great pleasure. With the Roland / Edirol Sound Canvas SC-8820 Midi and USB soundmodule I can also use SCPOP (Sound Canvas Pipe Organ Project).

In Dec. 2011 I bought the hughe Roland E-80 V2 Music WorkStation Arranger keyboard (2nd-hand): There are so many changes and new things to explore now! It will keep me busy for a long time. It is certainly the most versatile and magnificent Midi Music Arranger keyboard I got sofar. With a PCMCIA memorycard adaptor for SD- or CF memory there is also plenty of external memorystorage. Now with a used Roland SRX-06 Complete Orchestra expansion board, adding 449 HQ SRX-sounds and 5 extra rhythm sets to this keyboard. The 2nd E-80 expansion slot is now also filled with a (2nd-hand) Roland SR-G01 special G-70 expansion board, adding 76 HQ SRX-sounds, 6 extra rhythm sets and comes with 30 new accompaniment styles.

Some links to what I like: Hector Oliviera, Tsuyuko Mirin.

My Midi Music Keyboards and modules: Click on image for bigger size.

Free Midi Mapper Control Panel for Windows Vista and up : Midimapper Control Panel
Free Roland E-80 / G-70 user to user hints and tips: Hints and Tips (pdf)

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