Bond tegen het vloeken: voor respectvol taalgebruik
Clicking this banner will provide you with an example of why over 24,000 Dutchies can be distinguished as a surplus of organic material. Click it, I dare you. It's in English. Check out the ten reasons why you shouldn't swear, for instance. It makes you want to put them out of their misery already.

Dutch people suck ass.

Making people aware of the Dutch taint isn't a task that is to be taken lightly. Even though we can be sure these people are deserving of brutal punishment, others still don't realize how grave a threat they pose to the future of mankind. This page serves as a portal to various articles that can help you understand the nature of these abhorrent ..things and make you see the importance of their downfall.


== Why the Dutch are loathsome ==

Dutch Vileness from a historical perspective by Skraz
Peppie's rant on the state of Dutch Humour
by Peppie
Peppie's rant on the Beer and Weed thing by Peppie
Dutch Monarchy sucks monkeyballs by Peppie
Wanon's personal experience with the nauseating Dutch by Wanon
Observing the Dutch in their natural habitat by Firnantoonion
Kuyo's reason for despising the Dutch by Kuyo
The Dutch Corrupt Online Gaming by Manimal
Dutch art perversion by Guilty
Maddrag's motivation for crusading against the Dutch by maddrag

Why it's their own fault by Johan Von Orange
The Dutch exposed as the bloodsuckers they are! by Youffanazia
Biblical reasons for exterminating the Dutch by Youffanazia
Another victim of the ways of the woeful Dutch by Barbi
Dutch negligence and indifference torments another soul by Barbi
The Dutch Menace of Global Destruction by Youffanazia
Shame on the Dutch! by Tan
The Dutch reconfirmed in their role of legendary skinflints by Barbi
Some Dutch are just too full of themselves by Ambiorix
The Dutch value animals above humans by o0o000 (new)
The Dutch plague spreads like, well, a plague by Youffanazia (new)

The Dutch are everywhere! Here's how to deal with them! by QuantumChaos
Organizing the ADM: pitfalls and other noteworthy issues by Maarten
Another suggestion on how to deal with the Dutch by Neoptolemos

== Anti-Dutch gadgetry ==

The Dutch Problem Test
Tips on how you can contribute to anti-Dutch sentiments
Bullshit hatemail from the idiot Dutch

Bullshit conversations with the idiot Dutch
Join the ADM


== Anti-Dutch Movement Hierarchy ==


Lord Captain Commander ----------------- Peppie
High Lord Captain -------------------------- Youffanazia
High Inquisitress --------------------------- Barbi
Chief Historian and Ideologist ----------- Skraz
Lord Inquisitor ----------------------------- Manimal
Lord Captain -------------------------------- Firnantoonion
Lord Captain -------------------------------- Wanon
Inquisitor ----------------------------------- Ambiorix
Inquisitor ----------------------------------- Johan Von Orange
Senior Lieutenant -------------------------- [Shadow member] (prefers to remain unknown)
Chief intelligence officer ------------------ o0o000
Hundredman -------------------------------- Maddrag
Hundredman -------------------------------- Zedd
Hundredman--------------------------------- Neoptolemos
Lieutenant ---------------------------------- Maarten
Lieutenant ---------------------------------- QuantumChaos
Lieutenant ---------------------------------- Guilty
Under-Lieutenant -------------------------- Tan
Under-Lieutenant -------------------------- Kuyo
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Alyssa
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Aerath
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Arson
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Balls
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Banoobf
Legionnaire --------------------------------- BenR
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Bigshow
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Bw
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Charmed
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Chinchilla
Legionnaire --------------------------------- De Cicade
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Cello
Legionnaire --------------------------------- CoCo
Legionnaire --------------------------------- DaFoursh
Legionnaire --------------------------------- DanneCSB
Legionnaire --------------------------------- DarkSfear
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Dago
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Deliverance
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Devilbunny
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Doc
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Egghead
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Elan
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Elessar
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Elindar
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Ent
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Galrash
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Gravity
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Hells Horses
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Hood
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Hyperonic
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Jacuzzi
Legionnaire --------------------------------- JAKE
Legionnaire --------------------------------- kakkorotto2
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Kaminski
Legionnaire --------------------------------- KingJ
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Kirby
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Laurens
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Lemonhead
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Magic
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Marleen
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Maxkool
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Midgardsorm
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Mosdef (50th member!)
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Michael
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Mike
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Naruto101
Legionnaire --------------------------------- NaSSaL
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Nicky Says
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Odizzle
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Orion
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Orionis
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Para
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Parthenogenesis
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Perv (75th member!)
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Ragin
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Rapt0r|MauMau
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Raethis
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Redwingsfan
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Ron
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Samah
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Sauron
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Selassie
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Sietse
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Sjek
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Sleephelling
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Sophie
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Spaze
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Stygma
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Syrion
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Travis
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Trey
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Tuintegel
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Twisty
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Veltro
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Volgra
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Wolf
Legionnaire --------------------------------- Xandria
Total Members 96
Updated: May 1st 2006  


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