sumahotel activities


The Sumahotel can offer you a lot of activities you can do:

A: a lovina tour (1 day tour) :  

    B: visit cold water spring :   

    C: visit hot water spring in BANJAR :  

    D: visit ..... temple in the lake :   

    E: visit surroundings with beautifull waterfall and Rice fields :    

    F: visit ..... RoyalPaleis in the water in AMLAPURA : palais  in  the water.


    G: Dolphin watching and jetskien :      

    H: Snorkeling at menjangan :  (the most beautifull place to snorkel and see the coral)

                                                               click on map to make it bigger

    K: relaxing in the beautifull sumahotel by the pool:  

    L: visit a local market :   

    M: visit the centre with the statue of a dolphin :   balinese dance  sunset

    O: relaxing in paradise with cocktail (=sumahotel)and use the SPA :   foto's hotel   

    P: Looking to SAIL INDONESIA in lovina (september /october ) :

     balinese dance  sunset

    Q: visit coffee plantage :   balinese dance  sunset

    R: visit volcano :   volcano      sunset

    S: Diving with our diving partner : DIVERAD DIVING ADVENTURES :

 DIVING      sunset

Other activities you can do:


visit Tanah Lot (temple),

Jimbaran diner on beach,

visit Ubud (cultural centre) and watch putulu(birds) where they stay overnights (thousends in trees),

visit monkey forest in UBUD

elphant riding,

visit wood carve in MAS and Ubud,

visit GOA GAJAH (mysterious elephant cave)

visit the gili island from Padang Bay

visit turtle island  

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